Alexandra Sokoloff: Huntress Moon and Blood Moon

I have had the pleasure of reading copies of Alexandra Sokoloff’s Huntress FBI series (books 1 and 2) this past week. I didn’t expect to be sucked into the story; but by the second third of the Huntress Moon, I couldn’t put it down.

There were a few word choices I wouldn’t have made, because somehow the visual I was getting in my head, didn’t sound right. As an example: When I got to the place where the author mentioned someone’s insides turn to jelly after a 20 story fall (which isn’t an accurate word choice), I had to do some research of my own, because I didn’t think the semantics of “turn to jelly” was accurate. FWIW: 20 stories is 216 feet (give or take a few depending on ceilings and structural materials). One can actually survive a fall like this, as long as they land on their head (for obvious reasons) or their pelvic (something about crushed bones in the pelvic region and the difficulty of recovery). But…your insides don’t turn to jelly; and if you could avoid hitting your head, you probably could survive depending on age and overall health. Now, the character that makes this discussion relevant is a very large man – and probably couldn’t have turned himself in a way as to insure he didn’t land on his head; but he still had a ton of padding and probably didn’t have his insides turn to jelly.

Then, I struggled with the cliché main character – head cop (FBI agent in this case) who was slumming it in a department that wasn’t really what he was best out (profiling), because something had happened that caused him serious (what seemed to be) PTSD from the incident – an incident that we aren’t really privy to yet. Oh, and, he’s divorced three years. To the author’s credit, she didn’t seem to dwell too much on this detail. I suspect she may have realized that was a just a bit over the top and any more detail would have had him the walking poster boy of cliché.

The other thing that got me was the obvious attention to Agent Epps’ and Agent Singh’s body. Singh was more or less described as an exotic Indian Goddess; and Epps was, well, more or less, an incredible specimen of man meat. In my opinion, it was incredibly odd that the author was describing both of these people as she was. I guess I just didn’t really see how these descriptions moved the story forward in the least. This was book 1, Huntress Moon.

In book 2, Blood Moon, most of these things got better – despite the almost requisite sex scene between our completely celibate main character. The author turned him into a sexual creature which didn’t really make much sense, since we’d never actually seen a whole lot in the first book. And again, the one sex scene did nothing to move the story forward; and unless it becomes a significant relationship and somehow personal growth tool in book 3, I don’t understand the point. That said, I tend to think sexualizing is ‘a thing’ with the second book in almost any series. If the first book has minimal sex, the second one should have some token sex scene or even a more sexualized character…but that’s probably a post for another day.

Those were the less than stellar parts. That said, I REALLY liked how the story developed; and now that I’m done with both Huntress Moon and Blood Moon, I can’t wait until the third installment, Cold Moon, comes out on May 5th of this year. I absolutely enjoyed seeing a skilled author give both the hunter and the hunted perspective and then…switch the roles seamlessly; and then Sokoloff showed off a bit more skill and introduced another killer flawlessly.

Alexandrea Sokoloff has written ten award-winning books and sold original scripts and written novel adaptations for numerous Hollywood studios. She’s incredibly accomplished. I’m not sure I’m ready to say I’ve found a new favorite, but I’m interested enough to have just bought this three book set!


Book 1 in award-winning author Alexandra Sokoloff’s riveting Huntress FBI series about a driven FBI agent on the hunt for that most rare of all killers: a female serial killer.

Read Book 2 in the series, BLOOD MOON, and stay tuned for Book 3, COLD MOON, coming soon!

FBI Special Agent Matthew Roarke is closing in on a bust of a major criminal organization in San Francisco when he witnesses an undercover member of his team killed right in front of him on a busy street, an accident Roarke can’t believe is coincidental. His suspicions put him on the trail of a mysterious young woman who appears to have been present at each scene of a years-long string of “accidents” and murders, and who may well be that most rare of killers: a female serial.

Roarke’s hunt for her takes him across three states, while in a small coastal town, a young father and his five-year old son, both wounded from a recent divorce, encounter a lost and compelling young woman on the beach and strike up an unlikely friendship without realizing how deadly she may be.

As Roarke uncovers the shocking truth of her background, he realizes she is on a mission of her own, and must race to capture her before more blood is shed.

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