Words for Thought: Us and Them

While reading Man Gone Down by Michael Thomas, I ran across a paragraph that caused me to stop reading and think about what I’d just read.  I’m not going to tell you what the following paragraph was referencing. I think sometimes we tend to be biased by the surrounding environment, so if I tell you what the paragraph is referencing you may not actually think about the words, but instead how these words fit the reference. And I think this paragraph is applicable in a whole lot of situations and experiences. Here’s the paragraph:

“I’ve met many people who think that what they believe in, just because of the fact they believe it, is good.  And so those who are of a different credo are bad – or, at least difficult – and any kind of proximity to “them” requires some act of goodness on their part, conforming their moral superiority in their minds.  And perhaps I’m no different.  I look at them, their strange conformities, and I judge.  So, for a moment, it seems fair – equal assumptions – but I look around and I don’t see an us.  And they never lived in a world where their notions of good aren’t constantly validated.  Even this strip [an area the narrator was walking during this thought] is like a shrine to the local, the mundane.  The good.  Liberal, spending, complacent, in ever growing numbers – the us.”

…just something to think about it.

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