Winners of the Mini-Vacation Giveaway

The Take a Mini-Vacation Giveaway turned into a very educational trip into the reading habits of avid readers.  I found the entries to this contest fascinating.  Some of you read when ever you can, where ever you can, and how ever you can; some of you have reading as a set part of your daily routine and some of you take reading time as you can.  All of you have very specific places your best, most relaxing reading takes place – even if its on the commuter bus.  A good majority of you like to read outdoors, and there are those who really like the comfy-ness of being in bed or on the couch with your pets surrounding you. And some of you do both.  And I say, YAY to all of you! 

It’s always difficult picking just five winners for these giveaways, because money is short and I would like to just send you all books!  But I can’t. This particular one is the worse so far I think, because I want you all to have a new set of books to take to your favorite places to read and relax.

I ended up picking the first two entries on their imagery.  Theresa and Michelle took me on a fabulous mini-vacation to their favorite reading spots.  I could almost smell the grass and hear the wind blowing in the trees.  I could see the looks on the faces of the college students and felt I should stop to see the rabbits running around.

My favorite place to read is the library on my college campus during fall or winter, when there is a cool breeze blowing and snow, leaves, or a light rain is falling outside the window as I overlook the courtyard below. There is something so surreal and beautiful about being surrounded by so much knowledge, thousands of books and stories, and people who love learning. As countless students travel before me as they make their way through their own stories, the trees below, the people passing, and the stillness of it all reminds me of the beauty, joy, heartache, pain, determination, laughter, hope, complexity, and simplicity of humanity all at the same time.

As I sit comfortably with a book in one hand and a grande white chocolate mocha in the other, I can see these things that all good stories are ultimately about, and I smile.

Michelle Berry:
Behind our house is nothing but woods besides the train tracks that run a little further back. There is a huge flat rock in the shade that is comfy & private under a big old Oak Tree with nothing but nature around unless the train sounds in the distance =) It’s beautiful, quiet & sometimes I see deer, & rabbits running around. This is my special reading place!!!

Now, the third winner, Gaby, won because she finds a little place of paradise in NYC.  See, being a native floridian in a small, lazy town, and having a beach a stones throw away from house, I can’t imagine finding a lovely peaceful place in the big city to read.  Naive? Maybe.  But life seems way to fast paced and high stressed with little opportunity to stop and listen to the wind rustling in the trees.  But Gaby finds this in the parks; and KUDOS to her!

i do like to read in bed – but if the weather is particularly nice, Prospect Park or Central Park, on a large beach towel.

Our fourth winner is EF.  She reads on the bus to work and back home at the end of the day.  This is her detox time.  I think she takes two mini-vacations each and every day, and to that, I say – Good for YOU!  Its hard to accomplish that and well, EF, I hope these books serve you well!

My favorite place to read is on the bus, except when it gets too bumpy – it is a good way to enjoy and endure an otherwise uneventful two+ hour commute to/from work – these books will stimulate my imagination in the morning and help me wind down after a day at work and before the madness starts at home: definitely a great mini vacation! Thank you.

And our last and final winner is Linda. I, too, think this is one of the best mini-vacations in the world.  All reading time is great, but those times you read that final page and realize that sound outside your window was a bird chirping and dawn has broken are the best.

Linda Maggard:
Nothing is better than cozying up on the couch with a big fuzzy blanket and a book that is so well written you simply can’t put it down until you have finished the whole darned thing.

That ends why I picked the winners as I did.  I congratulate you all and wish you a wonderful mini-vacation.  Thank you to everyone who entered and please keep an eye out for future giveaways.

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