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This week has been chock full of reading.  I finished a wonderful historical fiction novel about New York I started a month or so ago; I read three new books – two recommended by my sister-in-law that will be reviewed this week for Halloween, and one given to me by my sister – already reviewed;  and I started reading one that I will probably be reviewing in the next week or so, as well.

I ordered two new books that should be arriving this coming week – Madame Bovary and The Time Traveler’s Wife.  Every year around my birthday, I ponder whether I’m going to add  Madame Bovary to my collection. First, the reason for the time of year – I get amazon gift cards and well, she’s sitting in my “to purchase at a later date” queue, and has been there for many many years.  She’s been patient and understanding every time she has gotten passed over for something a little more new or for some purchase for someone else.  I’ve given her a persona because she’s been in my queue long enough that she warrants it. Every year, she peeks around my curser, takes a look at the changes in my face from year to year, and silently waits for me to be ready.  Every year, I smile at her, and mentally think, ‘not yet, my friend, but soon,’ and move on to see what else is there. This year, I got a sign that it was time.  Two of the books I’ve gotten to know this past week mentioned her. Not one to ignore signs, I went to amazon, clicked on my shopping cart and smiled at her.  Her day had come – I did something I almost never do – I bought her new.  I thought maybe after all this time, she probably deserves to be a new book. After her long wait, she deserves for me to make her mine, rather than someone else’s throw off.

I just got my amazon notice the books have been shipped. I’m excited about getting to finally meet Madame Bovary – to acquaint myself with her, to see what she has to offer. I feel as if I should finish all other books prior to cracking her spine – to give her my full attention after this long wait she’s had. I have this picture in my mind about what she looks like that I suspect is VERY far from the truth.  Does any one remember in the movie the Titanic, when Jack and Rose are on the first class deck and she’s looking at his drawings?  For some reason, the picture of the old lady comes to mind anytime I think about Madame Bovary – not that I think she’s an old beggar lady, but that something about her makes one think she had hoped for so much more.  I know really nothing about this book, other than it is supposed to be one of the greatest books every written (which I know is a sometimes subjective statement).  I suspect after this long informal relationship I’ve had with her, she will become one of MY greatest books of all time, whether or not the literary community has thought so or not, for completely different reasons.

So, here I am waiting.  As she has for so many years.  If books are like the Velveteen Rabbit (as I have so often compared them to), is she sitting in her box, knowing that her day has come? Is she as excited to make my acquaintance as I am to make hers?

And speaking of new acquaintances, today is the day I announce the two people who will be making the acquaintance of Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford.  One of the winners started her comment off with “I have wanted to read this for so long!”  With my sentimental feelings about Madame Bovary, how could I possibly ignore this statement?  And the other winner told his childhood memories at Ebbets Field. This comment was submitted the day after I finished a very long book about the history of New York.  I, also, could not ignore that coincidence.

The winners of the Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford Giveaway are:

Doug Blythe and Debbie

Congratulations and I hope you both enjoy the book (you should both be receiving an email from me).  Thank you to everyone who participated and please keep an eye out for more giveaways.

Okay, this concludes my sentimental rambling about my new book and the announcement of the giveaway winners.  May you all have a wonderful week and thank you for dropping by.

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