What Writers Listened To While Writing Dragon Age: Inquisition

This is truly an awesome article. Many writers listen to music to help keep the creative juices flowing. It never occurs to me while I’m playing any of my favorite video games (or reading a book) to ponder what the author listened to while the story was being written.

Thanks to BioWare for providing me with this awesome list of music to explore what it might inspire in my own writing.

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If you wandered into the Writer’s Pit while Inquisition was in full swing, you probably would’ve seen seven writers (and one editor) with headphones on, eyes fixed on monitors, typing furiously. Most of the writing happens when we can shut out the rest of the world and immerse ourselves fully in the story and characters. For many of us, this requires music. Often the music we listen to informs and even inspires what we write.

So, what was coming through those headphones when we wrote Dragon Age: Inquisition?

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