Vermont: Kipling, Frost, Jackson and Lovecraft

I’m really digging the Literary Tourism series that book Riot has. This week’s was on Vermont. It was so good, I decided I have to put Vermont on the roadtrip list!

Kipling lived here with his wife and daughter when he wrote, among others, Jungle Book. It’s got a tennis court and a pool table, so Kipling clearly knew what was what back in the day. The house is kept as-was and nothing is cordoned off so there is no museum feel to the house.

The best part is that you can rent the house and sleep in Kipling’s bed, write at his desk and, erm, sit on his throne.

It is available for rent year-round from the The Landmark Trust for the paltry sum of $350 a night (minimum 3 nights). It sleeps 8 people, so mathematics inform me that if you can find 7 friends looking for an interesting trip, sleeping there can be yours for the low, low sum of (350 * 3) / 8 = $131.25.

It certainly seems like an interesting place for writers to spend a long weekend.

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Literary Tourism – Vermont

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