Thoughts on End of the Year Notable Books Lists

At the end of every year, we are inundated with lists and lists of ‘notable books’, ‘best books’, ‘books I read that I thought were the greatest books ever’, etc., etc., etc. I actually hate those lists and I have tried to stray away from creating my own. I have occasionally taken a look back at my prior year of reading and made a list of the ten books that spoke to me, adding an explanation of what it was that drew me in.

I will more often than not post this list from the NY Times Sunday book review that has 100 of the books they think are the most notable. I don’t post it because I agree, I post it because I always think the comments are the most interesting part of the list. This year is no different. There is nothing intriguing about a list of books selected by editors and publishers and authors and blah blah blah…but, give me a list with open comments so I can see what real people thought notable and I’ll spend hours perusing the comments and looking up the books.

This year is no different. Skim the NYTimes list, sure, but make sure you read the (at this moment) 107 comments by regular readers who have other books in mind for most notable of the year. These are the people who don’t just read the books on the best-sellers lists because they think it makes them well-read, or because they want to be a part of the trendy in crowd. These are the people who don’t give a damn what they are supposed to be reading, but instead care about makes them better well-rounded people. These are the people I relate to. These are the people whose opinions about what books to read are important to me.

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