Thoughts About CanLit

I thought this was an article worth sharing. I really enjoy Canadian Lit. However, I rarely think about it when I’m looking for a new book to read. For some reason, I never remember how much I enjoy it to go looking for it. Hopefully, this list will keep CanLit at the forefront next time I’m searching for an excellent book to read.

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1. On February 14 and 15, 2014, the Canada Council for the Arts hosted its first-ever National Forum on the Literary Arts in Montreal. Some 250-odd people from various sectors of the publishing industry—editors, writers, publishers, agents, librarians, spoken word poets, etc.—converged in the basement of a McGill student residence to bilingually address the future of literature in this country. Participants were not remunerated for their time, although travel, hotels, and some dubiously palatable catering were provided by the Council.

2. Almost a full calendar year later, I am being paid $100 to write down some thoughts inspired by those two days in February. Sound fiscal reasoning would dictate a commensurate amount of work—say four hours, total, between research, writing, editing and invoicing. That seems fair: $25/hour is the same rate I made a decade ago as a nonprofit fundraiser, and friends of mine with comparable educations make $15/hour (barista), $43/hour (teacher) and $400/hour (something duplicitous with stocks.)

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