Those Who Have vs Those Who Haven’t

Below is a great breakdown some of the differences between the Game of Thrones books and the HBO Series.

I’m not sure that any series has ever split people into two such strongly divided factions. I’m not talking left vs. right. I’m not talking Pepsi vs. Coke, or even the holy schism that is Mac vs. PC. Nope, it’s bigger than that.
It’s Those Who Have Read the Books vs. Those Who Have Not.

Sure, many of us are familiar with this dilemma when it comes to movies, and we know that reading first often leads to disappointment with the inability of film to come to grips with the best set designer, casting director, and FX artist ever—imagination. There have also been many instances of books turned into television where the video version is enough out of alignment with paper that it’s a completely different experience. Fans of Jackson Brody who tune into Case Histories, or Longmire who tune into, um, Longmire, know that plot, dialog, and tone overlap with the text only occasionally.

But with Game of Thrones, there’s been pretty decent—though far from perfect-fidelity to the source material … which means that Those Who Have Read face a whole different set of emotions from Those Who Have Not. It’s anticipation vs. shock. It’s dread vs. horror. It’s … well, it’s time to go inside.

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