The Sunday Salon – Resolutions and New Year, New You Winners

Sunday SalonI had a fantastic time reading the resolutions of the New Year, New You giveaway participants.  Many of you have very realistic resolutions for change in 2009.  How exciting!  But look, don’t consider you’ve failed if you don’t get to the gym every single day or you don’t lose the amount of weight you want to, or you don’t read as many books as you start the year wanting to read.

I think we all have the ability to make these things happen on the most basic levels of “being human.”  BUT…I think its important to remember we aren’t drones, we are all different AND it is important to remember that some of the things we want to accomplish aren’t really within our individual nature. I think we all have the ability to eat more healthy…I do not think its within our ability to diet every single day without consuming a pint of ice cream over a 26 hour period…occasionally.  I think we all have the ability to exercise every single day, but if you aren’t someone who is completely comfortable going to a gym, it may be beyond your abilities to go to a gym every single day.

I do not think we have the ability to make year long personal goals for every day action, because we don’t have a whole lot of control of how our life changes on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis.  Sure, there are small things we can absolutely control, but life takes strange turns and IF you’ve decided to do something every single day, you may end up feeling shitty about yourself in September when something has devastatingly changed in your life and your routine that you’ve worked so hard to change has to change again.

I think most of us ultimately make very personal resolutions with an almost stifling feeling of resignation – “I wonder how many months I’ll be able to keep my resolution THIS year…” (don’t forget to add the sigh at the end).  This isn’t a financial forecast we hope to have met at the end of the fiscal year.  Right?!  This is personal – not business.  We should be feeling good about ourselves and our accomplishments, but ever single year, most of us wistfully make a list of things we want to improve upon, so we can look forward to the end of the year assessment where we realize we haven’t accomplished all the things on the list.  How much sense does that make for our well-being?!

I originally thought about randomly selecting the five winners of the New Year, New You contest, but as entries began to roll in, I decided I couldn’t randomly pick.  I picked entries that I felt were a GREAT example of resolutions that weren’t going to make the person feel crappy about themselves in the end.  AND…in my humble opinion, not feeling crappy about yourself at the Year’s end is what’s really important!

So, without further ado, here are the winners of the New Year, New You Giveaway:

*  Leah
I’ve committed to pay it forward more and more and more this year! : ))) It’s so magical to give! Thanks so much for this fabulous give~away!

I loved this one because Leah is committed to making other people happy.

* mistyfuji
My resolution is to be a more positive person and not let negativity drag me down. I think this would be real good for me (and my family).

I loved this one because in resolving to be more positive, she will help make the lives of others around more positive and happy.

*  resqme
We are moving into a new era of responsiblility in our country and I am so excited for the change…this year I resolve to volunteer in my community and to live a greener, more organic lifestyle.

I loved this one because resqme is resolved to making the world a better place.

* betty
Resolutions are always made and seldom kept. Read an article at the end of the year that month long resolutions are more appropriate. If you haven’t made progress in 4 weeks, it probably isn’t going to happen. I’m working on adding new and different exercise opportunities into my regular life. Next month if it warms up I will be walking outside.

This entry struck a deep vein.  I love the sharing of an article she read. I also think month long resolutions are way more appropriate than saying you make year long resolutions.

* bison61
not to worry about my weight, just try to eat more healthy foods.

I love this one, because I think inherently we say we will lose weight, but don’t change our habits in effective and realistic ways.  To say I’m going to eat more healthy foods, is way more realistic than worrying about how much weight I’m going to lose, in my humble opinion.

In closing, Good Luck to everyone who participated.  I wish you all the best, and remember if you are having problems accomplishing your New Resolutions, its okay to re-assess and either par it down and/or change the specifics.  NO GUILT and NO FEELING LIKE A FAILURE!  We change on a daily basis, sometimes, it takes some assessment to figure out if we’ve got the right goal for who we are individually!

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