The Sunday Salon: Readers Block and Contest Winners

Sunday SalonAll week, I found myself distracted after two or three pages in ever book I opened.  I think I picked up seven or eight different books this week.  None of them hooked me and many of them should have.  This phenomenon used to cause a great deal of stress in my world.  What do you do when the one past time you use for complete relaxation, or escapism, if you prefer, begins to cause additional stress because you can’t find a book more powerful than the things going on in real life?  I stumble.

Have you heard of stumbleupon?  Its a fascinating way to stumble around the Internet to find interesting and some not so interesting sites.

The first site I stumbled upon was Library Smut  Its not what you think, trust me, put your delicate sensibilities aside and go look at the amazing pictures. After an inspiring visit at Library Smut, the next site I stumbled up on was  This site has thousands of full-text free books.  After browsing around there for awhile, I stumbled upon a site with lots of colored boxes, click the boxes and read the love letters, I think I’m up to fifty, but there’s three hundred or more!  The next site I went to would have benefited greatly if I’d had writer’s block.  Writers are given phrases or sentences to help get past writers block at 911 Writers Block.  Then I stumbled across more free books at Planet eBook.  From there, I went to the 17th Century for some 17th century metaphysical poetry study.   Then I went to spend some time with Shakespeare.  Then I played with Fridge Magnets and created lovely poetry that would probably never sell.

After all this, I stumbled across Altered Books. I pulled out my craft supplies, I picked out a few books I didn’t like but have been on my book shelves for years, and I ripped out pages, colored them, crossed out words and found poetry in the pages.

WAIT!!!!  Before you judge me for destroying a book…if you haven’t tried this, I highly recommend this.  AND I’ve figured out a way to not have to destroy books to make this happen…print a few pages from ebooks (I provided some sites up above).

This is like overcoming writers block for readers!  Hmm, I guess we would call that Reader’s Block.  Seriously, though.  I made five of them in a matter of two hours.  I was then able to be captivated by every book I picked up.  True story.  This book altering thing was almost like cleansing the palate of too many flavors before you moved on to the next course.  I think I needed to have the past few weeks of words cleansed – stories were getting jumbled, no story seemed much different than the last, and well, frankly, I was getting annoyed by the books on my stack.  But then, when I altered some pages, my appreciation for the words on the pages came flooding back, like I’d just ran into a friend I’d lost touch with for a few months.  I was able to pick up a book and get lost in the pages.

This got me to Friday, when the Spooktacular Giveaway Contest ended.  I spend Friday and Saturday reading some spectacular (hehe, see how I did that – spooktacular/spectacular) book reviews.  Some were from the horror genre, some were not. I enjoyed seeing the way a reader’s mind works in regards to what’s scary and why.  Very cool!  but, without further ado, here are the Winners of the Spooktacular Book Giveaway:

  • Jeff for his review of Orwell’s 1984
  • Rashmi (a Book Blogger’s Diary) for her review of The Darker Side by Cody Mcfayden
  • Crystal Adkins (Book Reviews by Crystal) for her review of Dead of Winter by Sean Harris
  • Jill for her review of the Amityville Horror
  • Asli (Proud Book Worm) for her review of The Dark Ones by Anthony Izzo

Congratulations to all of you! I’ll be forwarding your addresses on to HBG on Monday so they can send the sets of books to you.  Over the next week, I will be featuring their reviews for everyone to read.  Also, don’t forget to check out the Election Day Giveaway

And with that, I’m going to close.  I hope you all have a fantastic Sunday and a great week.

Happy Reading!

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