The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Today is the day I get to announce the winners of the Holidays Book Giveaway. Figuring out who the winners are was a tough process. So many of you have wonderful traditions which reminded me of my own growing up; and some of you had things that made you extremely happy to be able to do for others; and some of you were interested in a set which fell into a category different than the holiday you celebrate.  So, I picked one of each.

Thank you to all who participated.  As always, I wish I could send each and every one of you a set a books.

Below are the three winners and why I chose them:

Kay: Christmas books
“My favourite tradition is leaving PJ’s from Santa on Christmas Eve for my kidlets – it started when my oldest was small & we were living away from home, so a note was sent by Santa with the PJ’s saying visiting your cousins overseas, will be back later – continues to this day- even though they are all grown up!! Would love to share the Christmas Books with the family.”

When I was a little girl, my mom’s friend who lived in Ohio would send us each a gift to be opened on Christmas Eve.  Every year, the gift was some really nice nightgown (for me and my sister) or pajamas (for my brother). There were two exciting things about this gift from my mom’s friend.  One was we got to open a present before Christmas.  The second thing (and this one took us years to figure out) was we had nice new nighties for christmas morning pictures.  My mom never had to worry about what the heck we’d be wearing to bed on Christmas eve and how that would translate to Christmas morning pictures when we got our first glimpses at what Santa brought. I was an adult before I realized this was the true purpose of being allowed to open up the present on Christmas eve; and it was only because I was looking at Christmas pictures through the ages and realized how great we looked in our new nighties on Christmas morning. I immediately understood how brilliant this gift really was.

Sharon Walling: Hanukkah books
“I have to say, my favorite holiday tradition is working so that my staff can celebrate the holiday with their families.
My choice is the Hanukkah books.”

I really enjoyed this answer.  Working so your staff could have off for a holiday they celebrate is a selfless act that has turned into a tradition for Sharon.  I never understood (and still don’t), why it is that Christmas is a holiday from work in most industries, but the other holidays are not; and I’ve seen it cause issues within a workplace.  I think Sharon’s point of view is admirable.

ikkinlala: Kwanzaa books
“My favourite holiday tradition is playing crokinole with my family after Christmas dinner.
I don’t celebrate it, but I’d like to enter for the Kwanzaa set, please – I’m intrigued by that book of folktales.”

I just liked that ikkinlala wanted a set not related to her own celebrations.

Congratulations to the three winners! Please check your email.  I’ve sent out emails to each of you.  If you do not receive them in your inbox, please check your junk/bulk mail.

I wish for everyone, participants and winners alike, a happy and healthy holiday season!

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