Rowling writes story about 30-plus Harry Potter

I wonder if Rita Skeeter is the one character that allows Rowling to vent her frustrations about her success of Harry Potter without sounding ungrateful to the millions of fans who loved the books, the story and the characters.

I can’t find the story on the Pottermore site, but I’m not a member and I didn’t look too hard.

J K Rowling has written a new piece about a thirty-something Harry Potter and his friends at the final of the Quidditch World Cup 2014 for her website

The 1,500-word long piece was posted on the site today (8th July).

The story marks the first time Rowling has portrayed the characters as adults with careers and families following the epilogue of the final book in the Harry Potter series.

Rowling has written the article from the perspective of her character Rita Skeeter, infamous gossip columnist of the wizarding world’s newspaper, the Daily Prophet, whom Harry has encountered before in the books. Skeeter casts a bitchy eye over Harry Potter and his family and friends at the Quidditch world cup final.

Here’s the Article:
Rowling writes story about 30-plus Harry Potter

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