Road Trip: The Great Plains

I am a big fan of the Literary Tourism posts at Book Riot. This one is about places in The Great Plains. Enjoy!

Literary Tourism: The Great Plains

Today, we’re going to go a little more rural and do some tourism deep into the heart of the American Great Plains.

The Midwest is not one giant homogenous place. Each state has a flavor, each place has a distinct personality. North Dakota’s not the same as Nebraska, not the same as Kansas. Maybe you know it as “flyover territory,” but for those of us born and bred in the Midwest, this is a land of stories. Whether we have big bookstores or small bookstores or any bookstores at all, the Midwest is a land of storytellers, of people who can tell you about the size of that tornado or how hard it was to catch that massive fish last week or how deep the snowfall was during the Great Blizzard of 1960-something.

This is why we have pockets of magic, even in the most rural of places. It’s storytelling and appreciation and respect for stories that keeps us warm during the coldest of winters and keeps the unique spirit of the communities within the Great Plains that way.

We’ll be skipping bigger stops like Omaha and Kansas City in favor of lesser-traveled literary spots. Because it would be impossible not to talk about books while we’re on this tour — we’re going to be in the car for a while, driving from place to place along rural roads and two-land highways and interstates where there is virtually no traffic – be prepared for a taste of the stories that pepper this part of the country.

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