Reasons Paper Books Are Still Relevant

This is a wonderfully humorous look at reasons why paper books are still relevant.

The article originates from a guest post on Book Riot.

This is an extremely well worn topic. There are many, often unnecessarily heated, arguments on both sides of any debate over paper vs e-reader books. In fact the debate itself is cry largely unnecessary. And few arguments are ever made that could really be described as convincing. They also tend to miss out some key advantages to the possession of physical objects, some of which can be found here.

1) If you hate your wallpaper, but also hate decorating and painting and such, you can instead cover up said wallpaper with bookshelves to then be filled with books. This might not look so appealing with empty shelves. If you don’t want to actually buy the bookshelves [having spent all of your money on the books] then just stack the books in front of the walls.

Here’s the Article:
10 Reasons Paper Books Are Still Relevant

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