Pseudonyms – Yay or Nay?

Its hard to say whether the use of Pseudonyms is good or bad. I think its different for every author.

I like this article because of the way Jessica at Book Riot has laid out her thoughts on the topic. I feel pretty much the same way.

I got to the end of a novel today, and, though I’ve read multiple titles by the author before, I happened to read the About the Author on the last page of the ebook. And I came across a name that was very familiar, but wasn’t the name on the cover of the book.

It was the name of an author whose book–the first in an ongoing series–I had just bought, and am planning to read very soon, as I had heard a lot about it and the author. It was one of three names the author uses in publication.

This is not an uncommon thing to see. Many authors that I both read and avoid write under different names for different genres, or might have even written in the same genre with one name, and then when their other work became famous, re-released their work under their more popular name. Anne Rice has done it, as have Nora Roberts and Meg Cabot. There are plenty of authors who, even though you know their “true” identity, still publish under another name for a particular series or crowd, since people who have been reading them for any amount of time still consider that a go-to name.

I guess it depends on the reader.

Here’s the Article:
Why Pseudonyms?

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