Negotiations between Amazon and Hachette Discussed

Digital Book World has a short article referencing a NYTimes article. The original article is about how local bookstores are seeing some uptick due to the Amazon-Hachette dispute. The part DBW is discussing is what an unnamed source from the Hachette side of the negotiations has said.

The report comes from The New York Times in an article about local bookstores taking advantage of the Amazon-Hachette dispute, citing an unnamed source:

I spoke to someone involved on the Hachette side of the negotiations, who is under orders not to discuss them and asked not to be named. This person said that Amazon has been demanding payments for a range of services, including the pre-order button, personalized recommendations and a dedicated employee at Amazon for Hachette books. This is similar to so-called co-op arrangements with traditional retailers, like paying Barnes & Noble for placing a book in the front of the store.

Amazon “is very inventive about what we’d call standard service,” this person said. “They’re teasing out all these layers and saying, ‘If you want that service, you’ll have to pay for it.’ In the end, it’s very hard to know what you’d be paying. Hachette has refused, and so bit by bit, they’ve been taking away these services, like the pre-order button, to teach Hachette a lesson.”

The points of contention in the Amazon-Hachette contract negotiations have not been confirmed by either Amazon or Hachette. But there have been multiple media reports that the two main issues are control over the pricing of ebooks and the amount Hachette will have to pay for “co-op” or, as the New York Times article explains, “arrangements with traditional retailers…for placing a book in the front of the store.”

Here’s the Article:
What Amazon Wants From Hachette

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