I Hereby Resolve to Read…Less?

This article over at Book Riot spoke to me. I also resolve to read less…I think after so many years of Old Musty Books, and recently feeling disenchanted with the stories I’ve been reading, this is a wonderful resolution that maybe will help me get back into the groove of reading. Maybe spending time doing other things will help it bring it all back to me.

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When I look back at goals from previous years, I’ve often done okay and certainly progressed, but ultimately have generally fallen a little short. And I began to wonder if perhaps my over-eagerness with reading — perhaps even slight obsession? — was hindering my other goals. So I’m going to experiment in 2015. I’m going to resolve to actually read less than I have in previous years. I haven’t set a number, and I’m not sure if I will, but ultimately I want to spend less of my time reading.


It mostly comes down to me wanting to accomplish more with my free time than just reading. I want to write more, I want to craft more, I want to do more woodworking, hell, I even want to just socialize more and spend more time catching up with friends on the phone or over coffee. I don’t want my default activity for free time to be to grab a book and go lay down on the couch in my basement.

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