How the CIA secretly published Dr Zhivago

This is the fantastic story of how the CIA secretly published Dr. Zhivago. If you haven’t ever heard the story or maybe forgot hearing about it, its worth reading!

In early September 1958 Dutch secret service agent Joop van der Wilden brought home the latest CIA weapon in the struggle between the West and the Soviet Union – in a small brown paper package.

“I had an intelligence background myself so I knew there was something very important that he had to collect and pass on,” says his widow, Rachel van der Wilden.

It was not a new piece of crafty military technology, however, but a book – a copy of the first Russian-language edition of Doctor Zhivago.

“It was exciting. You wondered what was going to happen, whether it would work or not,” says Van der Wilden, who had left Britain’s foreign intelligence service, MI6, when she married and moved to The Hague the previous year.

She still has the book and the wrapping paper, with the date – Saturday 6 Sept. 1958 – written in her husband’s hand.

Here’s the Article:
How the CIA secretly published Dr Zhivago

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