Happy Fat Tuesday and Literary Landmarks of New Orleans

Below is a wonderful post about several places for the book lover to visit while in New Orleans.

Having finished the Witching Hour a few months ago, I have to say the picture of 1239 First Street is very similar to what I imagined in my head. And check out the trees in front of the house…Beautiful!

Here’s the Article: 11 Literary Landmarks of New Orleans (And Books to Read Before Visiting)

“If New Orleans went into the memorial plaque business for all the writers who ever lived here, they would have to brass plate the whole town.”
– Andrei Codrescu in New Orleans, Mon Amour

From William Faulkner and Tennessee Williams to Anne Rice and John Grisham, New Orleans has been a home to (and a setting for) some of America’s most well-known writers.

Here are 11 spots in the Crescent City where you can see what inspired some of those writers — and which books you should read before visiting.

This article was written by: Rachel Baker – Click to follow on Twitter; or you can follow her at The Crafty Veteran on Bloglovin

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