Finding Bookstores in the US and Canada

Over at Publishers Weekly, there’s a map that is tracking both the number of Borders’ stores remaining open and those that are closing.  Cool, if you are a fan of Borders.  They just added new update to the map, though.

The map now includes the locations of all ABA member stores.  So…if you are looking for a bookseller in a certain area, you can find it, with minimal effort.

Check out the link, click on the map markers and see what you can see.

One thing…I wish this was actually available somewhere else, just so it was more accessible and I could put it in my sidebar, but alas, I can’t find it.

So… I created my own:

View Larger Map

If you are looking for a bookstore in a specific state, you can use this map to find one.  And… it will always be on the sidebar, for your convenience. Of interest, as well, if you are traveling and looking for a bookstore anywhere around the world, you should be able to find one

If you zoom in to a state the little pink markers will expand in the area to show all of the booksellers.


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