Election Day Giveaway!

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Update:  I’ve decided to extend the contest today.  Since no polls will be closed before 5p.m., this contest will be closing at 5p.m. EST on November 4th.  Make sure to get your predictions in before 5:00p.m EST. Comment here or send me an email (rachel@oldmustybooks.com) with your prediction and I’ll post it in the thread for you.  Good luck everyone!

With election day only 12 days away, I thought it would be cool to do an election day giveaway.   Before I go any further, a big thank you to Hatchette Book Group for providing two sets of books for this giveaway!

Now… here’s the contest:

The first two people to choose closest to the actual vote percentage, i.e., Obama 53.2%, McCain 46.1%  will be the winners of the following set of books:

Election day Giveaway

So, you have to register and you have to post your predictions.

Winners will be announced on November 5th, 2008.


Mike’s Election Guide By Michael Moore
It’s a great year to be an American and a voter. Don’t miss out on MIKE’S ELECTION GUIDE – the indispensable book that belongs in every American’s back pocket this season.
– Also available as audio book
ISBN: 9780446546270

The Preacher and the Presidents By Nancy Gibbs
Also by Michael Duffy. Reveals how the world’s most powerful men and world’s most famous evangelist, Billy Graham, knit faith and politics together.
– Also available as audio book
ISBN: 9781599951041

Hard Call By John McCain
In Hard Call, acclaimed authors John McCain and Mark Salter describe the anatomy of great decisions in history by telling the remarkable stories of men and women who have exemplified composure, wisdom, and intellect in the face of life’s toughest decisions.
– Also available as audio book
ISBN: 9780446699112

The American Journey of Barack Obama By The Editors of Life Magazine
Covers the candidate Barack Obama from his childhood and adolescence to his time as editor of The Harvard Law Review and his Chicago activist years, culminating with the excitement and fervor of the historic 2008 Democratic National Convention.
ISBN: 9780316045605

Goodnight Bush By Erich Origen
Also by Gan Golan. A hilarious and poignant visual requiem for the Bush administration.
ISBN: 9780316040419

Takeover  By Charlie Savage
Takeover tells the story of how a group of true believers, led by VP Cheney, set out to establish near-monarchical executive powers that, in the words of one conservative critic, “will lie around like a loaded weapon” for any future president.
ISBN: 9780316118057

Her Way By Jeff Gerth
Also by Don Van Natta Jr. The first truly balanced investigation into the life and career of Hillary Rodham Clinton, Jeff Gerth and Don Van Natta Jr.’s masterful biography.
– Also available as audio book
ISBN: 9780316017435

Dream in Color By Congresswoman Linda Sánchez
Also by Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez. Often considered Congress’s Odd Couple, these warm witty sisters are not only perfect role models for young Latinas in the US, but for all young women looking to break out and create a brighter future for themselves.
ISBN: 9780446508049

From Hope to Higher Ground By Mike Huckabee
In his insightful and plainspoken manner, Mike Huckabee carries hope to Americans and provides practical solutions to current problems in our nation.
ISBN: 9781599951553

The Revolution By Ron Paul
In this book, Texas congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul provides answers to questions that few even dare to ask.
ISBN: 9780446537513
– Also available as audio book

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