Down with BookShelves!

books stackedI’ve been thinking a lot about bookshelves lately.  I just recently moved into a new apartment.  I don’t know about you, but when I move, the first thing I must do to get that wonderful “this is home” feeling is pull the books out of boxes.  In a strange way, this is more important even than making sure there is a roll of toilet paper available in the bathroom.

The office for Old Musty Books has (gasp) no book shelves right now. The first day of move in, I lined my little friends up pell mell around the baseboards in the room.  They are not “stacked” and they are, seemingly, in no particular order. Some are taller, some are shorter, some are thicker, some are thinner.  There are hardbacks next to paperbacks.    I’ve used a few of the larger books as book end type separations.  This design has begun to grow on me.  Its the chaotic order that defines me.  But I still kept wondering what type of bookshelves I wanted to get. This question has been plaguing me for many days now, I needed to find some closure.

And then it came to me…while I was pondering the questions of the universe and sipping my first cup of coffee of the morning.  Bookshelves are too constricting.  Bookshelves leave a lot to be desired by way of displaying your books creatively.  Bookshelves take away the ability to subconsciously set up a reflection of where we’ve been.  When we have a bookshelves, we end up putting them in order of side, length and weight.  Then we try for genre and authors, etc.  I say, Down with Bookshelves!

I’m a dreamer and idealist.  I make split second decisions and I fly by the seat of my pants.  I don’t think I am the type of person that can conform to a bookshelf any longer. I’m taking a stand – NO MORE BOOKSHELVES!

When I look at the display of books set up in the room, I see the start of my passion for reading through every step of my reading tastes through the most recent reading endeavors.  This pellmell order is a reflection of who I am.  How could I ever go back to conforming to the confines of the bookshelf system, now that I’ve realized this?

And then I saw these  … and have to rethink my moment of rebellion!

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