Caribbean Writers to Discover

If you are looking for a new adventure for your summer reading, consider taking a literary trip to the Caribbean and reading one or all of these six writers.

here is a place on the South Coast of Jamaica called Treasure Beach where frothy turquoise waves whip violently into jagged rocks and aloe vera plants sprout from the ground like an offering. This is not the Jamaica that many tourists know with oversaturated, all-inclusive hotels, loud tourists and Margaritavilles. Treasure Beach is untouched and almost defiant in its beauty, which is why every two years numbers of authors and lovers of words travel to this stretch of land for Calabash Literary Festival.

Founded in 2001, the festival draws in top literary figures from all over the world to Jakes Hotel, and this year was no exception. Authors in attendance included notables such as Sir Salman Rushdie, Zadie Smith, Ngugi wa Thiong’o, Jamaica Kincaid, and Colum McCann. Equally thrilling though, was the presence of literary voices from the Caribbean; writers that weave together tales of their homeland with precision and colorful narratives.

Kwame Dawes, co-founder of the festival, said, “Derek Walcott has written eloquently about the unique accident of Caribbean identity as a meeting place of so many different cultures inside a cauldron of strife, pain, exploitation, invention and creativity. Slavery, racism, colonialism and the attendant outgrowths of those three monumental forces created the complex space that is the Caribbean, and human being in that place have had to learn, again and again, how to survive and even thrive in such worlds. The Caribbean is not unique in having emerged out of a complex history, but there is something profoundly and arrestingly contemporary about the global forces that have come to make up the very identity of Caribbean people and their cultures, for better or for worse. In this sense, the Caribbean voice is attractive to the world.”

Here are six Caribbean writers you should take some time to discover:

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6 Caribbean Writers to Discover This Summer

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