Book Stores Located in London

I have wondered a couple times since last Friday what it would be like to be at the Olympics in London this year.  Each time I consider all the events I’d like to see, I wonder how many book stores I could get in during the duration of the Olympics… you know, like my own Olympic Book Store Crawl.

Now, I figure London will probably host the Olympics at least once more in my lifetime, so there’s still a chance.  That in mind, I decided to google map the book stores located in the London, England area so I could plan the route, train and be ready for the London Olympics 2052.

If I were doing it right now, I’d probably start with this list of top 9 from – I think I’d start at Foyles (because it seems like the center of the map) and then work my out in an expanded square pattern.  I’ll be 78 years old in 2052, I’ll probably have to take it a bit slow, but I’m betting if I begin training now, I can get through at least 75% of them in a two week period.  I’m figuring not all of these bookstores will still be in operation by the next London Olympics; some will have closed, but some will have only changed hands and will still be in the same buildings they have been for in one shape or another for hundreds of years.

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