B&N isn’t being patient

So, Barnes and Noble is partnering with Samsung to build the next Nook tablets. This venture into technology has not really proven to be profitable for them, and I believe if they are patient, the brick and mortar company will rise again. However, this might be stretching themselves too thin again.

The problem for B&N in regards to nooks and the ebook industry is that the books they offer are at least two dollars more than most other places to get ebooks. If they aren’t willing to decrease their prices, then it doesn’t matter who makes the next Nook.

Barnes & Noble has long discussed partnering on its tablet business and Samsung, which just ended its ebook aspirations, is as good a partner at it can hope for. The Galaxy line of phones and tablets is widely considered to be second only to Apple’s fleet of products.

There are two big questions in all of this: Will this new Samsung Galaxy 4 Nook tablet turn Barnes & Noble’s digital fortunes around? And what happened to Microsoft?

Here’s the full article:
Can Samsung Help B&N Turn Nook Around?

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