Ben Furman

After college and a stint in the U. S. Army, Mr. Furman served as an FBI agent for twenty-two years. He investigated major case bank robberies, kidnappings, extortions, and organized crime before specializing in counter terrorism. He headed FBI headquarters’ counter terrorism efforts to thwart the illegal activities of right wing survivalist groups, and terrorist organizations like the Puerto Rican FALN and Macheteros. He was also in charge of a multi-agency task force that investigated chemical/nuclear terrorism threats against the United States.

Currently he is the CEO of the Rexus Corporation, a private investigation and security-consulting firm.

He is the author of The Devil’s Darning Needle, an espionage novel, Sam’s Quest for the Crimson Crystal, and Sam’s Quest for the Royal Trident (October 2008).

One would not associate a man with this professional background with writing young adult stories.  Ben shared the background for the Sam’s Quest Trilogy with Old Musty Books:

On the first day of my fifth grade history class a cute girl with long red hair and green eyes sat a couple of rows away from me. Samantha instantly became my favorite girl’s name. I wracked my brain trying to come up with something to impress her. Johnny, who was sitting directly behind Samantha, refused to switch places with me. Our history teacher’s cataracts had restricted her field of fire to the first row seats, which would have given me adequate cover, but no sale.

I could draw and spin a pretty good tale. A fantasy adventure story-boarded with drawings of the characters – that was the ticket! As the project gained speed I began hearing the whispers. Samantha had asthma! Asthma? Was it contagious? No! I added an aspirator to the drawing that my heroine Samantha used to spray in the eyes of the villain, thus defeating him and saving Innerworld! I slipped the finished story on her desk one recess and held my breath as she read it, shoved it inside her desk, and turned around to smile at Johnny, who had just pulled her hair. She never acknowledged me, and feeling like a complete dunce I retrieved the story when it was safe. Thankfully, at the end of the school year Samantha moved away, ending my gnawing embarrassment.

Two daughters and two granddaughters later I decided to write a trilogy detailing Samantha’s adventures.

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