Barnes & Noble to Spin Off into Two Separate Businesses

YAY!!!! I’m so excited to see this happen. I will start referring to Barnes and Noble as “Books and Nook” because really, I think this is the best thing BN could have done and it will ensure they will be able to stay the course while Amazon continues to becomes more of an online department store than a book retailer.

Wanna bet eventually Amazon buys Walmart?

These days when we think of Barnes & Noble, there’s always a second thought immediately after — “What the heck is going on with that company?” After years of whispers, exits, and declining sales, Barnes & Noble says it’s finally going to go ahead and spin off its Nook business, separating it from the retail part of the company.

Barnes & Noble has seen sales sliding at its bookstores and in the e-reader business, which is likely a big part of the reason why they’re splitting off now into separately traded companies. The idea being, they can sink or swim on their own without dragging the other down with them.

Here’s the Article:
Barnes & Noble To Finally Spin Off Nook Into Separate Business

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