Are Self-published Authors Rewriting The Future?

This is a good look at some of the changes in the publishing industry due to the popularity and ease of self-publishing.

About half of all books published in the United States may now be self-published and half of those may be eBooks, according to a compilation from four reliable sources. By some estimates, authors could be paying $240 million to publish their own books.

A pile of often confusing statistics from those publishing sources also indicates eBooks — paperless electronic digital marvels that can be stored on the head of a pin — have gained phenomenally in numbers.

The nostalgically attractive paper print book has apparently yielded at least about 22 percent of the market to electronics, according to a Pew Research Center survey now 24 months old. Pew found that about a third of Americans owned a device for reading eBooks. Since that survey, sources place the electronic gain closer to 50 percent, depending on who does the counting.

Here’s the Article:
Self-published authors purportedly rewrite publishing’s future big time

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