Another controversial book has been suppressed due to India’s tough libel laws

In my humble opinion, this is sad. Anytime books are censored in a country, the people of that country are hurt. While I don’t begin to really understand India’s libel laws, I do think surpressing thoughts and ideas makes for a stagnant (and often unruly) population. Maybe there’s more to this, maybe it is exactly as its being reported…I don’t know, but I thought it was worth sharing anyway.

International publishers have been eyeing India, where book sales are growing at double-digit rates, as an antidote to slashed profits in the west as readers turn to e-books. But the cost is that they may not be able to publish all the books they want.

Penguin Group has agreed to pull all copies of The Hindus, a book that has been available in India (and several other markets) for several years, from stores in India and “pulp” them, according to a court settlement reached on Feb. 4. Another publisher could opt to publish the book in India, but would likely be sued as well.

The book, written by a much-lauded Indian studies and Sanskrit scholar, Wendy Doniger, is the third to be withdrawn in India in recent weeks, after lawsuits threatening huge damages to authors and publishers. An Indian publisher pulled Sahara: The Untold Story, about a conglomerate that Indian regulators say bilked small investors out of billions of dollars, and international publisher Bloomsbury pulled The Descent of Air India, an insider tome about the country’s deeply-troubled state airline, both before they were published, because of lawsuits.

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