A Word about the series Song of Ice and Fire

So, apparently, while we are waiting for the sixth book in Song of Ice and Fire, there is speculation that maybe there will need to be an eighth one.

I would like to seriously suggest that the author, George R.R. Martin, pay a new editor to rework what he has thus far. Timelines don’t make sense, there is very little aging going on, and frankly, the story has gotten so muddled its hard to follow and stay engrossed in even one chapter. hell, I’d probably do it for half the cost of most editors of the caliber he probably works with. The caveat would be that he’d have to give me the files organized by story arc. And, this should be done BEFORE the sixth book gets published – so everything going forward is right and cohesive.

The series feels like the story has gotten too big with too many arcs and too many superfluous characters that don’t really move the story along. A great many of the stories could have, and probably should have, been published in short story formats that tie in with the series, rather than introducing characters that seem to be fillers in a much broader story.

Having loved the first four books as much as I did, it saddens me that I will, most likely, never read books six, seven, and, if there is one, eight. My time is too valuable to muddle through so many significant characters in so many insignificant story arcs, when there is really one great big significant story to be told, which would do the characters the justice they deserve.

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