A Tribute to a Chair

chairWhen I lived in New Mexico, I bought this chair.

It was the first piece of furniture I’d ever bought; it was second-hand, broken in well and only cost fifty dollars – ottoman included.

This chair became my safe haven. This magnificent chair wrapped its arms around me and allowed me to weep for hours as I healed from a failed marriage. It comforted me when I was homesick and missed my siblings after reading about the March sisters. It journeyed with me as I spent afternoons tromping around Middle Earth as if I was Frodo Baggins.

When I moved back to Florida, with only what would fit in my Toyota tercel, the chair was the first on the list of what was GOING to fit! This chair came with me through the many changes in my life from Albuquerque to Fort Pierce to Tallahassee. By the time, I was making the move from Tallahassee this poor chair had seen better days – it was way too worn to make the next move. It had seen laughter and tears, a dog, two cats and a couple of roommates; providing hours of comfort, sanctuary, and solitude for all who sat in it – pets included.

We parted ways almost five years ago; and I’ve yet to find a chair that comes close to the value of this underpriced chair I fell in love with many years ago. I’ve had some good chairs since then, but not like this first one. I’m on the lookout for that next great chair – the one that speaks to me in the store; the one that tells me to “come, sit, be comfortable and share the next stages of your life with me.”

Favorite chairs don’t match your colors, they don’t match the style of your other furniture; but when you find the one that speaks to you, none of that matters. This special chair is hard to come by. When you begin to look around and see it as an eye sore, move it into your favorite room, go to your favorite used book store, buy a $2.00 copy of “the Velveteen Rabbit“, go home immediately; get out your favorite throw and curl up in your favorite chair; begin reading. You’ll fall in love again with an old friend – the chair.

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