A Perfect Post-Apocalyptic Library That Offers Books and Booze

If you are in the San Francisco area, you should definitely visit!

The folks at the Long Now Foundation think deep thoughts about humanity’s future—their to-do list includes building a clock that’ll keep time for 10,000 years. But in the meantime they’ve built something more practical: a very nice bar. Located at San Francisco’s Fort Mason, the new lounge, called the Interval, will host events and discussions, and it’ll feature plenty of steampunk treats: custom-designed bottles of spirits stored in overhead racks, a robot that writes specials on a chalkboard, and another that dispenses the botanicals for your gin. But the real attraction will be the library. The Long Now crew calls it the Manual for Civilization—thousands of books recommended by foundation members and more than a dozen celebrity thinkers. So no matter what happens, from climate change to killer asteroids, whoever’s left can rebuild. Or at least have something to read while sipping house-aged whiskey.

Here’s the Article:
A Perfect Post-Apocalyptic Library That Offers Books and Booze

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