Stephen King: On Writing

I’ve read several biographies, journals and letters on and by writers to acquire insight into how they went about the writing process. Recently, I read “On Writing” by Stephen King. I’m a big Stephen King fan, and it only seemed appropriate to delve into his thoughts on writing.

Stephen King doesn’t take you through the baseball-player-like routines and superstitions of how to be a successful writer. Instead, he tells you about the moments in his life that caused the birth of a new story. On Writing is as much auto-biography as it is a “Tool Kit” for writers. Included in this great book is a reading list, writing assignments, a corrected story, and honest advice on plot and character, the basic building block of the paragraph, and literary models to look at and learn from.

On Writing is a Stephen King classic on a diet – light reading, deliciously humorous, and satisfyingly insightful.

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