Winter Reading List

winter readingLiving in Florida, I don’t get the opportunity to curl up in front of the fireplace, hot chocolate in hand, with a book I’ve been meaning to read. I do, however, get to sit on my balcony overlooking the ocean, without it being a sweat-fest (how’s that for a visual?).

I thought I’d share with you, my loyal readers (I’m hoping there’s more than one), what is on my reading list to accomplish over the next few months.

Its probably not in order, probably not all inclusive, and I’ll get sidetracked and not read a couple of them… but someone once told me “you gotta have goals!”

I know why the caged bird sings ~ Maya Angelou

The Girl of the Limberlost ~ Gene Stratton-Porter

Life of Pi ~ Yann Martel

The Heart of a Woman ~ Maya Angelou

Bourne Identity ~ Robert Ludlum

The Bourne Ultimatum ~ Robert Ludlum

What about you? What’s on your winter reading list?

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