War or Peace and Strike Hard Strike Fast

  • War or Peace?
    by Sarah F. Gold – 02/11/2008

    Looking at the roots of WWII in Human Smoke (Reviews, Feb. 4), Nicholson Baker concludes that the pacifists were right and Churchill was wrong. He explains why. What prompted you to look at the origins of WWII? I was in the middle of writing another book that was partly about WWII, and I realized I didn’t understand how it all began. More
  • Strike Hard, Strike Fast
    by Amy Boaz – 02/11/2008

    Sallie Bingham, of the Louisville, Ky., media Binghams, published her first novel in 1961. Since then she’s written a memoir, several novels, story collections and plays. Red Car (Reviews, Jan. 21), her first book in six years, publishes in April. You’ve enjoyed a rich, varied career, from your first novel to this latest short story collection, and your play, A Dangerous Personality, based on t… More
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