The Lost German Slave Girl by John Bailey

Lost German Slave GirlThe Lost German Slave Girl is a historical courtroom drama that keeps you guessing even when you think you know the answer.

The first thing I want to say is this is not a typical book I would have picked up for myself to start reading. I was a not sure what to expect out of the book. I thought it might contain a little more legal jargon than I really enjoy in my reading.

Secondly, while I really enjoy historical novels, and I do enjoy novels written by former slaves, this one is written by an attorney. Not that I have anything against them, their books are normally a bit too dry for me.

With all that said,, The Lost German Slave Girl was AWESOME! Yet another book I couldn’t put down. And kudos to the person who gave it to me – this will be one that I pour through again, figuring out what I missed the first, second and third time around.

John Bailey did a masterful job at giving the reader background in slave law as far back as before Louisiana became a state. He magnificently described the process of slave trade and how difficult it was to become free. The book tells the story of slavery from the immigrant and redemptioner viewpoint.

One of the greatest aspects of this book is what I believe the main theme to be. There are several themes one could say this novel addresses from man to man humanity, the search for self-identity and rewards for self determination. For me it was much simpler than all the critical analysis jargon.

The story of the lost slave girl was a great reminder that the truth may not be what it seems; and the search for truth may end up being an extremely long affair; and the search for the truth may end up destroying you. I’m sorry, I can’t tell you much more than that. In a lot of ways this would be considered spoiling the story for you, and I want you to read it.

I’ll give you this though – the old adage “you can’t judge a book by its cover” applies to this legal suspense drama. You have to read it to figure out why!

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