Sean Harris: Dead of Winter

by Rachel Baker on November 1, 2008

Sean Harris Dead of WinterThis week, Old Musty Books is featuring Guest Reviews of scary books.  These reviews were submitted as entries for the Spooktacular Book Giveaway.

Today’s guest reviewer is Crystal Adkins. Crystal is the owner of Book Reviews by Crystal. Her entry was a review of Sean Harris’ Dead of Winter.  Though this may have been one I wouldn’t normally pick up on my own, I thought, based on Crystal’s review, Dead of Winter sounds like a very interesting story.  Without further ado, I give you Crystal’s review of Dead of Winter….

Allysen Coles has just moved to Alaska from Texas in hopes of escaping her past. At the age of 15 after a near fatal car accident, Allysen was left with the gift of clairvoyance. She saw dead people everywhere, it was over whelming and she began to understand these spirits and help them whenever possible. She also had a loving husband, Dave, that used to be a cop. Even death can not keep true love apart, but he’s not so happy when Allysen decides to move on, he even threatens her about crossing over.

Allysen is very discreet about what she can see, and when she is approached by her friend Harry, she can’t turn down what he tells her. A doctor and his wife have a house that is experiencing paranormal activity. And the doctor also sees the woman that visits Allysen in her dreams every time she is asleep, that alone makes Allysen accept the job of ridding the spirit from their home. Although this is not just a regular spirit, there is something dark and sinister lying in wait for Allysen, Harry, and the good Father Joseph.

In the early 1900’s in Alaska was when the gold rush began, and along with that tales of murder and cover-up. With a lot of injuries, the help of a 70 year trapped spirit, and the love of her son she must overcome the shadows lying in the dark… trusting no one!

Sean Harris has just made the hair on my arms stand up. Dead of Winter was a fast paced spooky thriller that makes it a little bit harder to walk into a dark room without turning the light on first. While it wasn’t gruesome, it sure has a shock to it once the ending comes around. I loved it, there was one thing that made me flip back a few pages and say hmmm, but besides that it was an awesome read that many people will enjoy.

You can find this and many more of Crystal’s reviews at Book Reviews by Crystal

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