Revisiting Ready Player One

by Rachel Baker on June 8, 2015

I love this article about the “greatest video game novel”. I’ve never read it, but, after reading this, I will be adding it to my book stack.

If you are a gamer, I highly suggest maybe you also take a crack at Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. He has a new book coming out on July 14th titled, Armada.

Enjoy:The Greatest Video Game Novel: Revisiting Ready Player One

In 2011, the relatively obscure screenwriter of Fanboys, Ernest Cline, released Ready Player One, a novel of just that nature. USA Today stated that Cline became “the hottest geek on the planet right now.” To mark the upcoming release of his highly anticipated sophomore novel, Armada, on July 14th, let’s revisit Cline’s brilliant debut.

Ready Player One made nonreaders pick up a book. I myself passed it along to several friends that normally did not read, and they subsequently devoured each of its almost four-hundred pages in the amount of time that a voracious reader would. While it could almost fall into the classification of novelists writing books about novelists given that if an aspiring writer wants to write a novel, do it instead of reading fiction about another writer. Similarly, if someone wants to experience a good video game story, play a video game, because that would be a better experience. Just as writers of the previous types of novels have proved readers wrong on occasions, Cline creates a video game story so good, that it is most aptly enjoyed through prose.

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