Review of Tudor Roses

by Rachel Baker on December 17, 2013

Deb Boykin over at reviewed the book, Tudor Roses by Alice Starmore. This is a knitting pattern and coffee table book. Deb is claiming its one of the most beautiful knitting books she’s ever seen…I’m guessing I may have to check it out.

This book is like one of those myths you hear about–something beautiful and distant that is whispered about in awed voices but never really experienced. Alice Starmore’s Tudor Roses. One of those books that goes for hundreds as a used book. Something impossible to find.

It’s therefore such a treat to see her coveted, out-of-print books coming back into circulation, like her Fair Isle book, or the one on Aran Knitting that were brought back by Dover Publishing a few years ago.

This one, though? I expected something similar–a nice, useful recreation of the existing book just, you know, affordable this time. Something you didn’t need a second mortgage to get your hands on.

What I got instead, though is … amazing.

Check out the remainder of the review here:

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