Poppy Adams: The Sister

The SisterI just finished Poppy Adams’ The Sister. I’m really struggling with my thoughts on this book. Truth be told, I really enjoyed every chapter up until the last one.

The author drew me in, but then she failed in her biggest responsibility to her readers. She resolved nothing of the conflicts she so carefully placed into her readers’ imaginations. And there’s this whole conflicting biological age vs physical age thing.

I felt like the author’s ability to make the reader ask questions about the characters was really great. I just felt like she fell short at the end. She left many clues as to why the ending was as it was, and why there was little emotion – read: I understand the psychology and the reasons for no emotion – I just didn’t like that she left so much unanswered. I really enjoyed the background into the “Moth Industry.” One of the aspects I enjoy about reading books is the knowledge gained from some little piece of some character’s profession that I did not know previously. The author succeeded in providing this for me. I actually went and looked up different types of moths, and how to preserve them.

When I got to the end of The Sister, I was extremely disappointed because none of my questions were answered. Why had the sister finally come home? What did the family know of the narrator’s mental state that we don’t? Was the returning sister really even an actual biological sister? What was the returning sister looking for? Why had the returning sister really actually never returned to the house in all those years? Why, if they are only in their sixties, do I have to remind myself they are not in their nineties? Is the physical description of them being older than they should be indicative of their mental and emotional ages?

Is this book a waste of reading time? No, not really. It was a good book, and a good story. I just wish it had ended with the loose ends tied up.

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