Peter James: Perfect People

by Rachel Baker on November 13, 2013

SUMMARY: Perfect People (September 1, Minotaur Books, E-Book) is a scientific thriller that follows a young couple who have learned they both carry a gene that is likely to give their children a rare genetic disease. After the death of their four year old son from this rare genetic disorder, they visit a clinic that will allow them to choose all the genes of their child for $400,000. After the press in LA finds out what they have done, the couple is hunted by religious fanatics. They decide to flee to Sussex, England where they end up having twins. The children are born with abilities beyond their parents’ dreams, which could make them a new breed of humanity.

I really wanted to like this book – the author is an international bestselling author.  The idea of the story intrigued me, but the writing became a bit too tedious for me.  From the very beginning, the rise and falls of the story were pretty predictable; and while this is true of so many books, the journey to the end just wasn’t as intriguing as the concept.

By the end, I sort of felt like the author was just mailing it in by sticking to “the formula” rather than venturing out to areas unknown.  Formula: couple has child, couple loses child, couple pays to have the perfect child created, said perfect child is not so perfect, couple begins to regret decision, perfect child dies, couple goes on living with their mistake to play god.

The only real twist to the formula was there were twins…but again, pretty obvious and predictable…the title is Perfect People… not Perfect Child.

Would I recommend this to others… sure.  It was a pretty fast read, and while it was tedious to me, it may not be for others.  I don’t regret the time I spent on reading this book; I just felt it was too predictable.

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