One Star Reviews: Are they worth reading?

by Rachel Baker on April 9, 2014

The answer is YES! YES! A MILLION TIMES, YES! At least, they are worth it for the pure comedic value of the review. I’m not sure if its fair to slam an author for their writing or their storytelling abilities (two different things in my opinion), but soemtimes, people’s take on the classics are hilarious.

I don’t often cite the site, but here’s a quick little article sharing one star reviews from tumbler. The best part of this whole article though, is the comments – do yourself a favor and scroll them. Just be sure you are in a place where if you laugh out loud, you won’t get fired.

Here is a very good Tumblr: One Star Book Reviews gathers together the collected knowledge some of the web’s most discerning critics (namely, people who have given one-star Amazon reviews to classic books). And these illustrious Internet users are not afraid of voicing unpopular opinions, such as “I did not like [Gulliver’s Travels] at all the twilight books were better.”

Here are some of the best rumblings of the e-literati’s collective id:
– One dissatisfied person found To Kill a Mockingbird’s theme of systemic racism in America to be boring as shit: “Complete drivel….This book has no conflict.”
– Another intrepid reviewer, who panned C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters, did not understand satire: “not interested in books about Satin.”
– But at least he didn’t confuse it with a mythological half-goat? “It might be a satyr and all but I did not like it,” quoth someone re: The Importance of Being Earnest.
– Another daringly called into question a seminal bit of the Western canon — some profound thoughts on the Odyssey: “the whole story is just stupid.”
– And on Oedipus the King: “The incest part and stuff bummed me out.” 🙁
– And Beowulf: “Mr. Beowulf should be required to repeat his nighttime writer’s class at the learning annex.” OK, GRENDEL.

Here’s the article:

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