Nonfiction Books About the Science of Dead Bodies

by Rachel Baker on October 28, 2014

With four days until Halloween, this post seemed apropos – on a creepy note, its perfect. However and more importantly, there are five days until NANOWRIMO, and for an author who may stumble across a dead character in his or her writing, the books here may be just the additions needed for future editorial understanding.

So, whether you are dressing as a dead body, or you are writing about a dead body, enjoy this list of dead body science!

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With Halloween approaching, people are talking about ghosts, skeletons, and zombies more than usual. The common link between these characters is their origin from dead bodies – a grisly way for a holiday to be portrayed, but something very familiar to the undertakers, coroners, embalmers, and forensic scientists who make a business out of death. These professionals (and the bodies they work with) are subjects in the following books about the science of corpses and the practical uses for dead bodies.

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