Linda J. Amendt: Gluten-free Breakfast, Brunch & Beyond

by Rachel Baker on May 11, 2014

This year for Mother’s Day, I decided to host a small brunch for my mom. Over the years, I’ve learned a couple things about my mom and the food: 1. She loves brunch and  2. she feels like breaking bread together is really important for a family.

I’d never “done brunch” formally for any occasion, so I wasn’t sure what direction to take. I thought about the old standby “What would Mom do” and I realized she’d go to the cookbooks for recipe ideas.

Because I’ve discovered I have a gluten intolerance, I pulled out my Gluten-free Breakfast, Brunch and Beyond cookbook by Linda J. Amendt. I’d bought it sometime last fall, and though I’d leafed through a great deal, I hadn’t actually made anything out of it. Mother’s Day Brunch seemed like the right opportunity.

The cookbook is wonderful in how it explains gluten-free baking and how to use the flours, what flours to use, how to use starches and leaveners, and how to compensate for the lack of gluten in a baked good. At first, I really thought I’d be overwhelmed, but no – it was like regular baking once I had the gluten-free all purpose flour mix and understood what the ingredients did and how they worked together.  *If Chemistry class had been like this, I would have probably done better.*

I decided on Applesauce Bread and thought about an egg frittata. The applesauce bread recipe from the cookbook was amazing. Because we do as much heart-healthy cooking as possible, I substituted the 2 large eggs for egg beaters, decreased the brown sugar by a 1/4 and added a whole cup of sweet diced apples. It was AMAZING! I was stunned by how moist the loaves were (I made them in small individual loaf pans rather than one large loaf pan). As anyone who is gluten-free knows, baked goods aren’t always moist (which makes them yucky).

I then read all the recipes for eggy concoctions and decided on a sweet pepper, turkey bacon eggy thing that was sort of a riff on the frittatas in the book, but without all the fatty dairy. I have no doubt any of the recipes would have been yummy, I just was looking for a heart healthier option.

Mother’s Day Brunch was a success – and I have Linda Amendt to thank for that. Her cookbook provided the exact things I needed to host my first brunch; and to make it look easy. I won’t hesitate in the future to make a quiche or a strata or even crepes. I have full confidence that I can find more recipes in this cookbook that will dazzle Brunch guests.

Gluten-free Breakfast, Brunch and Beyond is a must have in any gluten-free kitchen.

Order your copy of Gluten-Free Breakfast, Brunch & Beyond: Breads & Cakes * Muffins & Scones * Pancakes, Waffles & French Toast * Quiches * and More.

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