Jeremy Bates: White Lies

by Rachel Baker on August 16, 2012

Today’s Daily Deal on Amazon for the Kindle is White Lies by Jeremy Bates.  For today only, August 16th, 2012, the Kindle price of this book is $1.99.

I had the opportunity to read for review White Lies and though I found it predictable and unrealistic, it wasn’t a bad read.

The biggest thought-provoking idea from this book for me was contemplating whether we, as a society, have had enough time pass to actually begin cogently writing fiction about the effects of Iraq (and Afghanistan) on not just our soldiers but anyone who has been over there for a long period of time. I, personally, don’t think we have – and I think the book suffers from the author trying to include Iraq to the final climax of the plot.

I was supposed to publish a guest post by Jeremy Bates on Aug 13., due to moving, I missed it.  Here is the submission from Jeremy Bates (posted as submitted).  Without furthur ado,

10 things you didn’t know about Jeremy Bates:

1. I’ve traveled to about thirty countries and lived in six over the past ten years.
2. My favorite country I’ve lived in is probably Japan because it is so friggin weird! (in a good way). And it helps the people and food are fantastic.
3. My great great grandfather was a Christian missionary and started a university in Japan, outside Osaka, which has become one of the biggest over there.
4. I wrote six or seven other manuscripts because my “debut novel” WHITE LIES was published.
5. I’ve just given up going to the gym in favor of Muay Thai training.
6. A friend of mine was stabbed here in the Philippines seven times by the ex-boyfriend of his girlfriend. Broke, he couldn’t afford a hospital so I paid his bills, sort of saving his life.
7. Went to the International Thriller Writer’s Conference on July ‘12!
8. An Aussie friend and I got ripped off in the middle of the night in Paris. We took a taxi back to our hotel but, because we had no money, we jumped out and ran. (I lost a shoe in the process).
9. Saw the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain. An Irish guy in our camp area died by climbing a pole and jumping off it, expecting people to catch him. No one did and he landed on his head.
10. Two favorite pastimes: staying in and watching a movie or going to a bar for a few drinks!

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