Jenny Davidson: Reading Style: A Life in Sentences

by Rachel Baker on May 7, 2014

I have been pouring through Reading Style: A Life in Sentences, due out June 1, 2014. This collection of essays is by Jenny Davidson and began as a lecture series that was delivered at Columbia University.

Though I am still reading, I wanted to go ahead and offer my thoughts. This book is not necessarily an easy read. Though the book is non-fiction, I think in the right mindset, I think the book could be incredibly enjoyable. If one is up for it, there is a great deal to learn about reading fiction and non-fiction and reading for pleasure as well as for intellectual understanding. This book sort of reminds me of How to read literature like a Professor in that there’s a lot of analysis and conversation about how to understand what you are reading in hopes of making what you are reading more enjoyable.

It makes sense and its informative, but I think this book should be taken in spurts, otherwise its overwhelming and unenjoyable. This book would be fantastic for anyone in a college lit class who is trying to get the most out of the reading list.

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