Isabel Fonseca: Attachment

Attachment Isabel FonsecaAttachment is Isabel Fonseca’s fiction debut.  This is a book about a woman who is, on the surface, pretty comfortable with her life, as a writer living on a remote island with her husband.  That is, until she finds a risque letter to her husband. This initiates a whole string of emails between the woman and her husband’s lover.  The woman seems to be in the midst of a self-image breakdown as she’s dealing with insecurity, deceit, dishonesty and manipulation from every relationship she is a part of.

There are almost no developing relationships that really give you insight into who she is, or even was, at some point in her life. There is very little actual attachment in these relationships at all.  There are classic appearances of an overbearing mother, an ex-boyfriend, a past lover, and an insensitive and overachieving co-worker.  The language used by the main character seems odd in some areas of the book.  There are few areas where the basic vocabulary used by the characters were substituted by obscure words the reader will have to look up. Upon reading the book, the reader could become a bit confused as to who the antagonists are.  There are quite a few and some even flip back and forth in the end.  The ending is a bit unbelievable and doesn’t really have much cohesion.

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