How wonderful the Limberlost must be!

I didn’t want to read “The Girl of the Limberlost” without first having read “Freckles.” Several people made some pretty decent arguments for this, and I figured since I respected their opinions, I’d follow their advice.

My reading for this past week didn’t work out that way though. I was pretty sick at the beginning of last weekend and needed a book that was whimsical and happy.

And the winner was…. “The Girl of the Limberlost” by a long shot. Glaringly obvious to me at the end of the first chapter was I NEVER would have read this book as a kid. Never in 10 million years. Glaringly obvious to me by the end of the last page was this is a wonderfully fanciful book that I would read to my daughters if I had some.

As an adult, my views on what I find appealing has obviously changed a bit from when I was a child. I love nature. I love the woods, I hate killing a bug, and I believe we should protect nature as much as possible. The Limberlost appealed to me on a spiritual level. I found myself envying Elnora and her ability to commune with nature. There was a place I used to visit in Tallahasee where I would hike the trails through the woods, looking at the creatures, enjoying the company of the trees. These hikes always ended in my thanking Mother Nature for sharing her beauty with me.

Those hikes were the closest I’ve physically come to “being” like the girl of the Limberlost. I longed for the North Florida woods during the arduous work week. I wondered if I had the nerve to take up residence in a cabin in the woods. The closest I’ve come yet is in meditation. Though I am a “water child” who feels a whole lot better all around just living near the beach, when I need to rejuvenate and mediation is the route I’ve chosen, I hike into the woods. I visit my little cabin, with my herb garden. I rest by the fireplace in my favorite chair for a few hours and then take a fabulously reflective walk in the woods. In meditation, I am the girl in the Limberlost.

I enjoyed this book. It was simple, fun, whimsical, romantic, and spiritual (at least to me)…and…

It was a great book to read when you’re feeling crappy. I am going to read “Freckles” and then re-read “the Girl of the Limberlost” at some point in the future.

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