Debbie Williamson: Stand

by Rachel Baker on March 11, 2008

debbie williamson, standOccasionally, we hear an inspirational story about a victim of abuse. “Stand” is one of those stories. Debbie Williamson tells a tragic yet inspirational story of breaking the cycle of abuse.

Debbie’s story begins with dreams of having a happy household, unlike the one she grew up in. What she got was exactly the household she’d known all her life. Eventually, after a failed suicide attempt in which her youngest daughter found her lying close to death, she realized she had to make a change. This is simply one woman’s story of what she felt and how she made it out of the horrific destructive life she was in. More importantly, its about her ability to recognize and then break the cycle abuse.

Its not just inspirational for those who have been in abusive relationships, but also, for those who love and care about someone who has been a victim.

Stand” is not a self-help book, though it may end up being marketed as one. There was no “you have to do this to be okay” type of advice. There was no psychological mumbo-jumbo. This was just the journey to happiness after years of destruction. Stand is an inspirational book

I believe the inspiration of this book is in recognizing the courage it took to write “Stand.” This is Debbie Williamson’s journey of rebirth into the woman she was meant to be. She gives her readers a not so pretty glimpse of who she’d become – her alcoholism, her anger, her affairs, and her misconstrued self image. She was on the surface an extremely ugly woman. Beneath the surface, she was a horribly broken soul. Unfortunately, this pain manifested in ways that made her appear awful. Eventually, she met someone who believed in her abilities and what she had to offer life. He helped her get through the rough patches of mending her psyche and loved her in a way she’d never known. After reading this book, I believe she’s come out as a beautiful and inspirational person.

Debbie is telling her story to reach out to as many people as she can. I believe she will not just reach out to a larger population of people, but she’ll inspire and touch peoples’ lives in ways she never imagined. I had the opportunity to talk with her about “Stand.”

“I have to tell you that I am not sure if I’m unscathed or not but I do see everything I have been through as a gift. It has given me the gift of compassion, the gift of forgiveness and the gift of not judging others for the choices they have made, I believe we all have a journey in life and what we experience defines who we are.” -Debbie Williamson

Is this book for everyone? I honestly don’t know. The above insight from Debbie is where “Stand” is a personal inspiration. I, too, believe everything that happens in our life comes with a lesson. Its how we deal with the adversity that defines who we are. Sometimes…reality just bites the big one, but if we recognize there’s always a lesson to learn, there is nothing that can’t be overcome. We will sometimes fall, and scrape our knees up. When we fall down, I believe we’ve only recognized the lesson, we haven’t actually learned it and implemented the lesson into our own lives. If we continue to get up and make another go of trying to understand and learn, eventually we will successful in finding happiness in any given situation.

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